Independent platform fighter

There are quite a few attempts out there to create a platform fighter, inspired by the famous Smash Brothers or any of their successors or variations. Last year, I made an short attempt unto this genre as well.

After quite a bit of time that I invested into this, I graved the project. It became clear that it would need more time and lot of resources that we do not have at hand (especially in regards to graphic stuff as the graphical half of „ThunderPerfectWitchcraft“ is heavily busy), especially since we have other projects that we prefer.

The resulting code has many flaws and still needs a lot of polishment (and maybe reworking at some points). But there are some features available:

  • Support for gamepads and keyboard
  • Dynamically loading chars and levels from textfiles
  • A unique hit-detection. Your configure hitboxes that you create through alternate sprites sheets.
  • Hits, projectiles, remote-controlled objects, character stati bounce and level mechanics
  • A dynamic camera

You can check a video here. The lags are in the video, the „game“ runs super fluid. The whole code, the assets, the demo character and level are under the GPL3 and may be downloaded here.

Linux binary included; Windows can be built. Made with C++ and SDL2. If you need help using it, reach out.

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