What is this about?

My name is Valentin. In my spare time, I do create games and music as an hobbyist. An important platform for my work is ThunderPerfectWitchcraft, a small studio that consists of my friend, Adrian, and me.

The video game market in it’s current form is harsh towards hobbyists. Social media favors big players, and even medium sized productions struggle to get attention. Small projects – such as ours – vanish under a big pile of low-effort quick shots, often done with easy to use engines and stock-graphics/music within a few days.

While trying to promote our own projects in this environment I notice other games that seemed interesting, but couldn’t direct the attention of the masses towards them – either because they are niche, lacked proper marketing, or are clearly productions of enthusiastic hobbyists. Many of them are the result of months or even years of hard work. Often times the developer invested a lot of time and in some cases money towards the production of these games, and thought hard about improving them to the furthest extent that is possible for them.

The arcane cache shall be my platform to collect such games (and in further extent: videos, music, texts and other digital art that I stumble upon in the digital space) and make them visible. Also, maybe I’ll write a few lines about our projects here from time to time, but this shall not be what this blog is about.

If you have any input, feel free to contact (contact@thunderperfectwitchcraft.org) me.

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