An painting, depicting a ferryman in front of a foggy forest. An painting, depicting a ferryman in front of a foggy forest.


Play 01 Play 01 Ruebezahl's Realm 2:27
Play 02 Play 02 Below the Icy Mountains 1:47
Play 03 Play 03 Lost in Wooden Depths 3:29
Play 04 Play 04 A Captive of Aquarius 1:58
Play 05 Play 05 The Rain Wife 2:10
Play 06 Play 06 Vampires Reign 2:31
Play 07 Play 07 To a Killed Partisan 2:56
Play 08 Play 08 ...Towards the Sun, for Liberty 1:12
Play 09 Play 09 The Poor Weavers 1:51
Play 10 Play 10 Throne of the Pale King 4:34
Play 11 Play 11 The Silent Grave 2:12
Play 12 Play 12 In the World to Come, Fungus Will Rule 2:13

Erdspiegel fuses dungeon synth with German folk tunes.

German folk music is often performed in a conservative setting. Attempts by German left and alternative musicians to participate in the folk revival of the 70s and to modernize the genre by connecting their music to contemporary music discourse were largely unsuccessful compared to the efforts of their brothers and sisters in other places of the world. The songs on this album aim to pick up the ideas and songs that were developed and rediscovered by these musicians and reconnect and decipher them for a international audience interested in dark romanticism.

Our reinterpretations originate from myths, nature, resilience and contemplation. "Lost in Wooden Depths", "Vampires Reign" and "In the World to Come, Fungus Will Rule" are original concepts.

For further informations on the individual songs and their historical backgrounds and thematic concepts, open the corresponding information page.

The album was created with the free software LMMS.

Other projects by Erdspiegel: credits released March 24, 2021

Music, concept and voice samples by Erdspiegel Layout by Fährmann Maria

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