Low res photography from within a military ruin. Low res photography from within a military ruin.


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OST to Erdspiegel - Irrlicht.

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No state or organization has the right to turn living beings into weapons of war. All systems that try to do so are to be refused. Borders are imaginary lines, drawn to degrade humans to objects. Capitalism and fascism are two sides of the same coin. Shatter the coin!

A couple of months ago, I purchased what people call a dumbphone; one for hardhats - it is sturdy, private, and [most importantly] contains an old camera which makes weird, dreamlike obsolete images. I am outside a lot and photograph things. I have collected many photos on my website, but there are also eerie videos that I have taken, with artifacts of light and strange noises from tinny speakers.

The track is the result of blending such a video - taking during a ride home from distributing leftist political pamphlets in the surrounding hamlets - with poetry I've grown to love and immediate synth sounds that I composed in LMMS inspired by the Berlin... more credits released November 1, 2023

Lyrics on the tracks by Kala Shejtan, Witthüser & Westrupp, Kolmar, Heym, The Comedian Harmonists and Erich Mühsam.

Video & music by Erdspiegel.

Poem on the cover by Rajzel Zychlinski.

Layout by Fährmann Maria.

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