underground games

Hobbyist game developers, non-commercial projects, and game makers motivated by political utopias have a common problem: They are commonly thrown into the big category of „indie games“ along with countless tech prototypes, low effort productions, but also have to „compete“ with commercial products that have a much higher budget and often a dedicated, professional marketing.

In the following series I try to develop a concept for a Underground Gaming community; if you want only the essential parts, start at 3.

Part 0: the question of art

Part 1: what and why: underground games

Part 2: connecting factors

Part 3: a manifesto

Part 4: practical questions

Some of my positions might be controversial. Some of them might be wrong. I’m, however, sure that the need for a community for hobbyist and non-commercial game artists exists.

I’m tuned to see your responses, thoughts, and ideas. I know that people who share the goals described in this series are out there – lets try to establish a thriving, equitable and supportive community!

As first step towards a self organized Underground Game scene, I create a community on Lemmy. Let us discuss the further formation there.

The whole text body is licensed by CC-By-SA; feel free to copy, edit, and share it. A PDF version can be downloaded here.


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